May 13, 2009, 2:43 am
Filed under: nomadisms, runaway

Score: discovered SBC Surf hiding in the bottom of the convenience store rack in the middle of nowhere, waiting, WAITING for me to read it all in one sitting. How it found it’s way so far inland is a great mystery.

Explaining how I don’t have a fixed address and I need it forwarded to the permanent, more or less, mailing address within three weeks because otherwise there’s no way to get it because I’m going to be wandering around Southern Africa for a few months (maybe more) is always a good mid-afternoon conversation with someone at a call center.

Getting ready to go feels like it should be panic but it’s not. I haven’t packed but my passport and spare credit cards are tuned up and everything else is details. I’m thinking of going entirely carry-on for ease and security but need an appropriate bag (no rollies). I’m most concerned about a lack of relative fitness and how many pains I should be taking to avoid sun damage and the disuse of the long board in the garage and how many books to take.

My itineraries are equally well thought out, including such expressions as “I’d like a beachy first week” and random bus schedules on misused yellow pads and addresses and emergency collect numbers.

I don’t see how this can possibly go wrong.


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