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May 21, 2009, 4:13 am
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I understand strategy very well, I’m just not very strategic. Cruel irony?

This weekend it sets in: all the eggs are sort of in one ill formed hasty basket. Within about a week I should know what lies in store. Subconscious sabotage, maybe, an excuse to do something else. Which occurs today when P-izzle asks if I’ve got a job yet, and I say “no” and he says “ahh. Being picky, hm?”

If by picky you mean only actually formally applying at one place in a haphazard way that looks shady due to timing then, well, yes. Picky am I.

There are strings that could be pulled and calls that could be made but haven’t been. Crap, I haven’t even tried the traditional route! Normally you are supposed to have reasons for your position before making white glove requests, dire straits.

El Novio thinks I should just go to the city he thinks he will end up in and look for work because part of the problem is a resume that screams “flight risk.” At least once a week people murmur about my ‘qualifications’ and how they ‘had a friend who worked where you did.’

But if the plan was a year apart then I’d pick somewhere different [read: coastal] and do a zero funding gig and wear birkenstocks to the office [okay, maybe not].

I think it set in when it became clear: I don’t even actually know where to look for work, like where I might find postings if this is an eleventh hour and I should be applying. Yes, that is how deeply invested I am in the process.

I wish I did not find this predicament hilarious and instead was sobered by these revelations but, alas, that is not the case. So within the next seven days it will likely be revealed whether I am out on the street. Stay tuned!


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