tech shift
September 24, 2009, 12:30 am
Filed under: nomadisms

We’re having the endless summer here.

Informed my simple laptop repair is going to run $200-250, am considering purchasing the long-coveted eeepc tiny netbook for the same price as the fix. My roommate had one last year and I was endlessly fascinated.

Facts & Arguments.

Lacks CD/DVD drive (major downside).
I’m not sure how my photos will transfer over (minor problem).
Lower than desirable battery life (weight tradeoff)

Good wifi power.
Ultralight – nomad approved.
I like to rent movies online.
Skype readiness.
Mac-like durability?
Apple’s excess software omitted.
The price is right.

The other thing I would like, for the record, is a bicycle, but this is impractical and unlikely given nomadic tendencies, harsh climate, and fear of theft. All those Dutch bikers in Amsterdam did make me slightly envious.

One week to living on my own for the first time in almost 30 months. I managed to find somewhere five minutes from my office, in a historic building (wood floors, smallish rooms, fireplaces). Glorious.

L.G. booked his ticket… end of November, permission pending. It’s so easy for Canadians to cross borders. Unfair, in many respects. For me to visit his country it was free, for him to apply to visit mine is about $85.

Time for an evening stroll and the biblio.


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