October 12, 2009, 2:24 am
Filed under: overtly political

Dinner is local not endangered fish in soy/garlic/ginger plus spinach, steamed, and roasted corn in butter and cilantro. Steamer baskets are amazing for fish – no dryness, full fatty omega deliciousness preserved. It’s better to combine the garlic and ginger in the press at the same time – ginger on top.

Today was a mission to the Big Box Emporium for the purposes of a kettle or something like it. The bus today was largely multi-coloured, making me happy to live in this country. I had a coupon for a free soft drink and the high fructose made my belly ache a bit wandering the aisles.

Water filters. The water in the apartment, straight from the tap, has a taste to it because the pipes in the building are old. I pick up a plastic jug with a filter, comparing it to a nearby plastic spigot attachable directly to the tap. Neither.

Across the street is a store selling furniture mass produced to look like colonial island homes. I feel immediately comfortable but have been tricked by the pleasant music into memories of warmer climes. The world they’re selling isn’t here but it also isn’t there and maybe never was.


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