viva cut throat pipe finals
October 29, 2009, 1:06 am
Filed under: waves

How amped should Canada be about this?


Anyone who’s caught a Pete Devries video has known how long he’s been ripping and generally proving that despite harsh weather and slop summers, Canadians can surf.

As a sidenote… writing about the ASP is boring because everyone does it but this year is awesome. It is hilarious to see everyone rate the JBay event as such good waves, writing things like “as good as JBay gets.” Uhh… the talk amongst those who actually surf there more than a few days per year was one of constant doubt and regular disappointment at how long the sets were taking to come through. JBay when it’s as good as JBay gets is double overhead and clean sets that don’t stop. There’s a reason it’s the mecca. Oh, right, the tour. I hope Parko wins.

The Billabong crew has amazing style. QS finds good competitors but I’ve never felt the same watching Kelly surf as I do Andy, and I’ll never feel the same way about Dane as I do about Parko. In the end, I’m still massively a layperson in a field of seasoned journeymen and rocket scientists, but if you’re reading this you just have to deal with it.


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