you can’t handle the truth!
October 30, 2009, 3:18 am
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Today I finally figured out what I net and realized I could likely quit after March, break even, and never do this again, if I felt like it. If you’re counting, that’s right after my six month review.

This won’t happen until at least May but the marker is nice. The real question is weighing pros and cons of sticking it out until September or February, the price of airfare, and the crazy factor. Partly this depends on a lot of things expected to come to light in the next six months.

The crazy factor. Never know unless you go. Might as well jump. No regrets so far, why start now?

Here’s the thing. What percentage of the world do you think holds investment products? Why are they necessary to live and die? How many happy people do you know over the age of 50? Why are they happy? How much wealth does the average person in my country die with? What does that excess represent in effort expended?

I don’t completely understand saving so much money to be old. I’ve checked out this “being old” stuff and it’s neither expensive nor fun. Why would you ever want to fund thirty years of retirement? Why do our parents want to quit work at 55?

Here’s what I’ve been able to figure out. After a certain age you want to own the property you live in to avoid rent. If you have kids you want to be able to raise them in a less stressful household where basic needs are met without effort and to help them have options for the future. You need to have enough to be insured, or live in a free medical care country. You probably also need cash to cover some kind of pharma care if you’re planning on getting really old. You need enough for a few solid emergencies and likely a little to travel (although I think if you travel before you get old you can just revel in private memoirs).

I don’t believe everything I hear.

I’ve never owned a car. I’ve never driven a car on my own. I remember, at fifteen, many adults telling me how impossible life is without driving. False.

And remember everyone saying how crucial high school marks are to the rest of life and how they correlate with success? False.

Once there was an Oprah episode featuring a family that had gone without owning a television for a certain length of time. The audience was stunned and wondered how they could live… getting information from newspapers?! A large proportion of interesting adults I know are TV free.

For years the one sure thing was getting a mortgage instead of paying rent, as early as possible, at a good rate. Then a bunch of people lost homes or ended up living in something worth exponentially less than the debt owed on it.

Friends who had 80K jobs (plus incentives, whatever that means) and RRSPs four years ago who are going through bankruptcy proceedings. One worked a terrible job for half his twenties. Remote location, bad hours, doing things he didn’t agree with.

Don’t believe everything you hear.
Or read. Especially the above.

Lights – February Air
(I’m watching way too much MTV lately)


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