November 10, 2009, 1:24 am
Filed under: unrelated thoughts, waves

A burger slayed me yesterday. The cook [not a chef] informed me they didn’t have roast beef or corned beef because they order a whole cow at once and go from there and they were just finishing up the cow in question. There was unprocessed cheese and a square of back bacon involved; fries with the skins on.

Yesterday, conversation

“So I asked myself, what would you do? And that’s when I sent him a text message saying he was going to come over and we were going to hook up sometime within the next two days because I have needs.”

BFF on her current developing relationship. Oh man.

How p*ssed am I that my board is currently not here for a little birthday fly by night session? Very. It’s possibly my favorite ever and I need to get accurate dimensions/pictures for next time I go somewhere so I can have something like it done. Whoa technical.

The other one is safely stored overseas, although if I go back I might trade it in because I never loved that it was broader than my shoulder span and my speed too often seemed problematic. It’s in good shape and people (generally dudes) love how it looks but the glassing isn’t so hot and it hasn’t been the source of most of my good sessions. L.G. loves it on small days and small waves.

The other one I really liked is a pop out boat (not kidding) owned by a friend that seemed to have the perfect nose and lent itself to gliding over ugly reef well. Something about it worked even though it shouldn’t have, it was just a death sentence when it went for the head.

Obviously this has 100% just told you everything you knew and expected.


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