the big night out
November 11, 2009, 9:54 pm
Filed under: popconsumption

District 9 last night at the $2 theatre. Amazing.

I know someone who walked out of a theatre in September because they felt the slums were portrayed as too gory. Maybe I’ve been desensitized but I thought they took it easy.

It was like an intelligent conversation I’ve been dying to have for months and unable to find someone to have it with.

It took me back to an afternoon this summer driving through a city. Talking to people my age, what they remember depends on where they were and what their parents were doing at the time. We drove past this blank part of the city, sparse old trees and fields with a few old houses. He mentioned he remembered it having houses everywhere as a kid. Then one day they came in and bulldozed them down and wiped away all the traces of a neighborhood. It remains eerily empty, an undeveloped gash in a sprawling city.

The dialects and accents are entertaining, though wiping the characteristic slang is noted – other than a few howzits and I promise yous.

I liked how it made the current political situation and past political situation a simultaneous story set in the future. Yeah, it’s about District 6, but it’s also about a continued sanitized white approach to talking about what’s going on and black-on-black violence and xenophobia where the oppressed are rapidly becoming the oppressors.

It was also interesting to have the Nigerians portrayed as they were – Durban’s ongoing clean up is largely attributed to moving out the Nigerian gangs among South Africans. The portrayal is ironically xenophobic in characterizing Nigerians as the sole purveyors of some questionable tribal religious beliefs that are practised in a variety of cultural groups.

Anyways. It’s a crazy brilliant movie, the best I’ve seen in a long time, and that’s not just due to an inherent affection for soft English accents.

Feeling this right now.


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