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November 13, 2009, 4:01 am
Filed under: gastronomy

I call and it’s static. We can’t talk via internet magic because they turned the power off in the city of 4 million people for a couple days.

Today was blurry. Winter made itself known again, glaring days and cutting wind. Work seemed like a cyclical joke, stopped and rewound, eight hours in a row.

Notes. Last night, saskatoon berry apple crumble, skins on, topping purely oatmeal/butter/honey based. Deeply satisfying. Fruit related deserts have completely overtaken chocolate based offerings in a personal craving ranking. The same bar of dark chocolate has been sitting unmolested in the cupboard for weeks, it used to be eaten for breakfast.

Tonight penne + peas/green peppers cooked in olive oil and slightly crispy garlic/onions, extensive parm just a little melted by throwing it on top of the veg as the burner cools off, and some balsamic pesto to get the noodles going.

Pestos. Tend to feel like they should be better than they are. For awhile everything was pesto, inexplicably, everywhere. Herbs and pine nuts and oil, this sounds like something wonderful! Yet, repeatedly, it just begs for garlic or something else, anything. Sundried tomato does nothing redeeming. Someday, will go to Italy and get converted, like that time some real mozarella showed up, watery globs melting in a way cheese never melted before.

The balsamic pesto is the first peace making because it has pecorino cheese. So really it’s just sort of classy cheese sauce and I remain unenamoured with pestos.

It’s saying a lot.


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