November 16, 2009, 4:58 am
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Something about the new itunes/quicktime software has caused major problems with mp4 files and it’s driving me crazy at the end of this wasted weekend. I like a lot of things about the aesthetics of the netbook but converting back to a PC from a Mac is ridiculous.

Here is the computer Apple should make me right now.
(1) Aesthetics of an eepc. Read: smaller and lighter.
(2) Detachable battery charging option. This would solve a number of common hardware problems and decrease the likelihood of theft. I could have just externally boosted my battery in the interim instead of getting a new computer.
(3) Come up with a better method of ipod file management – not allowing me to transfer freely between the two is a serious problem
(4) Make a software package without bells and whistles for the average computer user – then treat the extended files (see: garage band) as “apps.” Start with a blank(er) slate.
(4)(b) Consider customizing software suggestions by a computer-use survey. Hello demographic marketing.
(5) Priority hardware compatibility with Skype and emerging telecommunications software. Ideally integrate so I can skype text from an ipod touch, work on developing a method to recieve texts via skype. Hello market dominance.
(6) Develop a more logical backup archival system with financial software compatibility and automation options – the back up system should work in neutral file coding tech if possible.

FYI, you can fix the video incompatibility issue by going back to an older version of itunes and quicktime. This is an uninstall pain and will require recreating libraries (drop and drag) but appears necessary until the bug gets worked out. Seriously, minus two points Apple on this one.

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