RIP John Hughes.
November 29, 2009, 1:28 am
Filed under: jams, nomadisms

A little feverish. Sinus infection, a biannual affair, experimental salt water treatment process ongoing.

Out last night, random drinks, cruise over the bridge to find nothing on and $17 cover for bands I’ve never heard of who seem vaguely rockabilly which there’s not a lot of love for even if this floor is packed.

I don’t really have a scene in mind anymore that I want to be part of.

When I was fifteen I wanted my life to look something like Dazed and Confused crossed with the Smashing Pumpkin’s 1979 video with John Hughes moments interspersed. Achieved. When I left home, I wanted to have a college experience, all night parties and meeting new people. Achieved. Around the time I moved I also wanted to go to shows and see interesting bands at good venues. Done. Everything that happens comes around as part of an idea, and of course there are always unexpected parts of that idea leading to new ideas, but opportunity often makes itself available to a well prepared mind.

There’s no vision of what this time is supposed to be like, available, yet. On one side, there’s the sign up drop out model, involving babies, mortgages, and brunch. On the other side, there’s a dystopic late twenties model purveyed by sitcoms and the New York Times, generally involving witty pub banter and a designed-to-destruct quest for love and/or success. There’s probably also a version where casual college substance abuse turns into a full blown problem, potentially with some regrettable other behavior, but let’s take that off the table. A lot of these are well canvassed by St. Elmo’s Fire, one of my favorite largely Brat Pack movies in existence. It’s kind of the Breakfast Club for those who graduated and covers the above trajectories, plus.

The thought occurs as these words take shape that the objective here is something about broader horizons. Everything in the past was about broadening but now the point comes where the broadness requires something more. To live in a situation so challenging it forces change. The problem with the current situation is it is devoid of this change forcing challenge, novelty, breadth.

Productivity and growth, it seems, are not so related after all.

CLEAR! – Elephant Man Remix – Kardinal Offishall
So incongruent.


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