Being an Allergy Detective
February 3, 2010, 3:42 am
Filed under: hypochondria, unrelated thoughts

Because I can’t leave it alone, I tested to be sure I’m not allergic to standard cheddar cheese tonight. No swelling. My heart beat fast but this may have been in slight fear given that I’m experimenting on myself unsupervised. And, to be honest, the reaction sucks and leaves me pass out exhausted.

Obsessive searching followed.

What’s the difference between most cheese and milk or cream? Whey. I’m allergic to whey. Things start to add up. Cottage cheese has always been one of the worst along with other soft cheese, like cream cheese or ricotta. Both of these are cheese products where the whey is still present.

When you make butter or cheese, the whey separates (eating her curds and whey…). It also denatures at high temperatures, which would explain why I don’t seem to have a problem eating things made where cream is baked or cooked for awhile, or even properly heated in hot coffee. The latte that first started the problem was lukewarm, the alfredo sauce I tested my theory with was raw, and the dessert I had at the dinner was likely full of raw cream.

Whey is a pain because it’s a cheap additive used in a lot of food processing for sweetness (so says wikipedia), but at least it gets taken out of some of my favorite foods and can be decreased through normal cooking.

There’s also some indication that if I just stop sensitizing the problem for a few months it might more or less resolve itself. There are also desensitization therapies being tested. True or false will have to be confirmed by an allergist, but it’s better than a worst case bubble girl scenario.

I think. To be continued.

In other banal purely localized news, my kitchen sink spontaenously unplugged today and runs better than ever after more than two weeks of virtually nothing happening. I have no idea. Before L.G. left he ripped my pipes apart and put them back together again (apparently this was part of his practicum, he also fixed something spontaenously when we were visiting my friend over the holidays. I thought I was a feminist until someone cleaned my pipes. That joke will get me blacklisted.)

I resorted to some special kitchen draino capsules, taking the environment down with me in frustration, and they only seemed to liquidize the black goo L.G. had dug out from the depths of my pipes, blocking everything completely. The 1mm stream I’d negotiated wouldn’t go. I poured half a pot of black coffee down, which was coming out the top of the drain when I left it, and told my landlord to call the plumber. Today I came home from work and out of nowhere it runs faster than ever.

It is a Tuesday miracle.


I asked for new assignments and now work is humming. I prefer it interesting and busy to dull and dragging. But do not feel like doing this tonight, no not at all… perhaps a little bribery.


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