lief vir jou
February 4, 2010, 4:33 am
Filed under: jams

Tonight, Kiss the Sky. Brilliant script for the truth of its contents, lukewarm performances. Good arc.

Work today was just how it should be, on the best days. A thank you call. A well crafted piece. Vindication. A dull but welcome assignment translating into an effortless Friday. Well played, humps.

I’m listening to Africa reporting on Haiti, morning radio at night.

My mind wanders to how music feels there.

I listen to raw punk rock from my wasted youth to pump myself up on the foot commute, and quiet songs from my early twenties to wind everything down on the slow walk home.

You can hear music you can’t google. Artists you can’t find. Maybe you’ll hear it next week, maybe it will get big. But at this point where I’ve never invested less in pop culture, everything is new anyways, and harvested bleak music from romantic reality television moments and chain coffee shops works for novelty.

Happiness is being able to hear pop music in that fifteen year old way, driving in a car, hitting replay on the disc changer and turning the speakers so high it’s more thump than anything. Resonance.

It just sounds different. It moves. Or maybe it is moving because I’m able to be still, undistracted, without expectations contrary to the truth which got scraped out somewhere and I have collected in a secret spot which I tend to regularly. This secret spot is not something I worry about going out, rather it’s the greatest thing, it’s the thing propelling me forward and causing that coy undirected smile in the elevator.

I’m going to give this up and hear music again.


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