February 17, 2010, 2:59 am
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Last night: beans, soaked, then cooked. For some reason this has been intimidating. In the cupboard for months, “hello please make me into burritos.”

They’re unreal, a-men.

Notes: garlic cloves, whole & straight up, plus cumin and liberal cinnamon and whatever oil and some salt and something for heat, chipotles being ideal but siracha sufficing. Small saucepan, covered, test regularly for desired consistency, cook down the sauce uncovered on a steep boil when ready. You’re welcome.

Watching How I Met Your Mother, Seasons 2 and 3, maybe because the theme music takes me back to lazy Sunday nights, warm in the cabin, riding out Winter. It was discovered by accident, for lack of choice. It followed the weekly National Geographic and late night news, preceding a Made For TV movie we never Made It Through.

[My cousin has cited it as misogynistic. No idea. Maybe my brain is capitalist machine loving mush a couple years out.]

I love it for its nostalgia. Because I want to believe I will be nostalgic about this time in my life. But also for the themes of acceptance – accepting yourself and your friends, your life as it turns out, generally not as planned but entertaining if you’re paying attention. Shades of people I know, including myself, in the characters is reassuring. It’s a reminder, amidst frustration, that redemption is imminent and all too likely. It also provides encouragement to narrate your own life, to read your own meaning and direction into the dailies.

The above paragraph will be ten times better if read to the below.


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