300 Degrees
February 21, 2010, 8:34 pm
Filed under: gastronomy

Muffins. Mix plus sliced banana and coconut on top, ultra moist. Lately have been adding chunks of fruit to muffin batter – old otherwise undesirable apples have been the best, ultra sweet and just moist enough. If I had to do this batch again I would have toasted the coconut while the oven was preheating, maybe.

Baking beans, a full pot test trial this time. Less cinnamon, more hot sauce. There’s no need to make tortillas yet, given the wrap surplus in the fridge, but maybe next week. Tweaking. The best part about making beans at home is the lack of soggy mush – texture and flavor are more variable and interesting.

Also making stew from the beef soaked overnight in wine. Added onions and garlic while I was browning, then a tin of tomato paste, sea salt and water. Will add peas and green beans when everything else is done. Taste test so far is good good, very good but letting it cook at about 200 degrees just a little longer, experimenting towards tenderness. It’s reminiscent of something I remember after bar from Long Street in Cape Town. The meat itself was super beautiful for a tougher cut, nice density, the right texture, beautiful color. I have two current meat sources – farm(er) direct which are never fails and now I can’t go back to the plastic wrap merchandising. It’s vegetarian or this.

Additional note, I used to be sort of “eh” about most spices because they didn’t seem to change much, and relied on variations of garlic (roasted, pressed, fried, raw). Reborn now that I’ve found a few sources, enough that I’m thinking about taking a spice stop detour (and sending tons home as Christmas gifts) in Fall. Also considering sourcing some in Toronto in a couple of months, the next best thing.

The apartment smells really good, like Sundays should smell in a home…


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