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February 21, 2010, 12:25 am
Filed under: gastronomy, unrelated thoughts

Weekend notes.

Experimenting with alcohol as tenderizer. Considering making tortillas. I will be living somewhere with a dearth of good Mexican, yet all the necessary ingredients except good cheese, and before I go I want to case that joint.

Found: a crock pot in the laundry room where people generally leave things they are getting rid of. So far, am still too suspicious of it.

Today at HBC there were a lot of young couples doing the wedding registry run. Scan guns in hand. For some reason, very intense, but great dynamics for the amateur voyeur. Use of the phrase “casual china” made me smile.

Monogamy is way underrated and compromise way overrated, this just in. It’s been weighing heavily when travel plans are coming together and I’m struck by not wanting a direct flight anywhere, wanting to take the scenic route while the chance presents.


Vice, Swansea Love Story, is way interesting and different from anything I’ve seen about heroin use before. Mostly while watching it made me consider that my general constant hypochondria is sorely misplaced:


I’m a regular, generally biweekly, library patron. Today I had An Encounter with the young, male librarian that has clearly seen me before. I’d peg him five years younger than me. Maybe six. We exchanged this recognition glance. My voice came out weird and high. His voice was effeminate. I wondered what his favorite part of the library was and if he thought the book and DVD I had on hold were lame. I wondered if he’d be good platonic conversation over coffee.

I am so hard up for interesting human contact lately it’s ridiculous. I know, bloom where planted, but some parts are just more arable.


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