in the crowded streets
February 26, 2010, 4:24 am
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Someone senior to me at work asked me what I was listening to when I walked in. I didn’t have the Balls to say Bob Marley. Because who other than an abject slacker planning on quitting in six months listens to reggae on her walk to work. Am I right?

Today after work I changed into jeans and went out to pick up cupcakes. For some reason on the way I felt like hot stuff, like “who’s that girl?” which is sort of funny given that I was dressed in my after work uniform: Hey I’m Fifteen!

I periodically search people. It’s a compulsion in periods in my life where I’m bored, and I often think of being a private investigator as a backup career because I sort of enjoy being so creepy nosy. Anyways, I searched my mid undergrad crush, a journalist. He was a student when I was a student, sometimes we rode the same bus. Once he said hi to me, and then two years later I somehow ended up in his booth at a dive bar and was too weird about how much I’d followed him and his written sense of humor to do anything but smile politely for fear of giving away what a creepshow I was. Anyways, I’ve seen him lately back in town as a grown up, walking around my ‘hood. I was sure it was him and have been able to confirm it through the search tonight and some convenient pictures. He always makes eye contact with me and I think he recognizes me, though hopefully not as that girl who used to give him crazy awkward lust eyes. For how devastatingly beautiful I thought he was when we were six years younger, I don’t feel any attraction to him now. But I still feel like a creep.

Pat Lepoidvin – The Moonwolf Departure


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