the hangover
March 8, 2010, 4:10 am
Filed under: gastronomy, runaway, unrelated thoughts

All day hangover, thanks to drinks until 4 am with the friend breaking up with his boyfriend, with all of us so much older and wiser explaining that it will be fine. We went to a sex convention and trade show and the finer points of good lube were discussed over much vodka, and then we ate poutine and went dancing, in that order. Perverse!

Ceasar eggs. This morning’s idea. Worchestershire and celery salt and eggs/asparagus/red peppers/tomatos, with a side of hot sauce. No vodka. Impossible to evaluate due to general feelings of unwellness, but serious novel potential.

Experiments with white mushrooms, ongoing.

Spring is glorious.

I’m weighing applying for a grant to go to back to school. The thing is, I don’t want another degree and I don’t even believe in the credential on principle, but I know the grant itself would be a good fallback, would provide just enough to live on abroad, and might keep certain options open or create new doors. I had decided not to pursue it but the deadline is immediate and I’m weighing it again out of that hissing fear.

In all respects, it’s the worst kind of cop out and should be avoided. Because this is not a sly departure, it’s a purposeful gift of opportunity, a deliberate looking around, a conscious step away from exactly the above – prescribed expectations and subscription to fictional safeties.


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