the packing list
March 11, 2010, 4:52 am
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I think a lot about what will come with, jotting down little notes. It’s when you go to think about getting rid, the actual order and processes necessary, that you begin to recognize the amount.

An off the top of my head summary of what will come along in the next phase.

Electronics: digital camera, ipod(s), netbook, bose ipod speaker, back up hard drive, usb key(s).

Minimal toiletries. See: very good mascara. (i.e. Not: shampoo, toothpaste, soap…)

Clothing. Edited. Very edited. Favorite casual, formals, some go-to business. Formal and business because these are the hardest to replace on short notice. It is a cotton tshirt world out there.

Skate shoes. Moccasins. Ballet Flats. Black flip flops. Bronze boots (maybe). Stillettos. Okay, more shoes than anything. But shoes, as the above, can be difficult to replace and can get you in when you are wearing a $10 dress and a smile.*

A small book of photos. Plus digital copies that can be printed at will somewhere else to make it feel like home.

One towel and one blanket. The towel was a gift, the blanket is lightweight and warm and a special sort of genius.

A small package of detergent I really like, in particular, for handwashing that has yet to be replicated in its weird efficiency.

A coffee mug I really like, the one from the top of the mountain in Africa

Maybe the longboard if it seems easy and baggage allows. To be evaluated over the next few months

The transition is unexpected and long. I used to collect things as a kid: pencils, stickers, vacation shirts, sports cards, small toys, dolls, coins, stationary, rocks, scented bubble bath, scrunchies (!), anything. I still like things, just not so many.

*last street test, 2007, may no longer apply


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