sunday morning
March 14, 2010, 7:15 pm
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The party was a room full of awkward silences. I was the second to arrive, at hourly intervals the head count topped out at six plus hosts. There’s the kind of bad party you can’t leave because doing so would be as cruel as the RSVPs that didn’t show. I’ve never thrown that party, but I’ve been to it a couple of times and have a real fear of being the host. Most of the people in the room were married/just buying homes and talked about fence materials and disputes with neighbors about shared fencing. At this point, I can only be a neighbour-fencing-dispute sympathizer, though everything I heard swayed me to treated wood, obviously.

This morning, spring sunshine lighting up the bedroom room, bouncing off the building next door, I missed being religious. Not for the guidance or sermons. The delination is attractive, a carved out time/space of spiritual stillness, with signifiers of the sacred. Candles. Hymns. Holiness. For several years, gravitation to yoga studios substituing those feelings. Contorting by candlelight or overlooking the ocean, opening with Upanishad Hindu prayer chants, closing with drops of scented oil rubbed on the temples. Individual but never done alone. Not so different, after all.


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