a small tax
March 16, 2010, 2:27 am
Filed under: gastronomy, overtly political, unrelated thoughts

Chili & Spice Hot Chocolate, verging on life altering. The convenience of such perfect ingredients measured precisely, mixable with soy instead of requisite powdered milk, is it for me right now.

Last week I made boxed tacos to get a Mexican fix. They were all kinds of terrible. The red sauce had no flavor or scent, the tortillas were oddly sweet, and the seasoning was ambiguous. Tonight I fried up some left over tortillas in the whole cumin and chunks of onion, and went back to my own bean recipe with red peppers added on reheating and roma tomato/crushed black olive/cilantro on the side. It was visually pleasing, and my favorite way to eat – lots of varied flavors combined ad hoc at the table. Like a science experiment.

Today at work I got a thank you card from a lady far away that I gave some random answers to about what I couldn’t and couldn’t do for her and what I would do, practically, in her situation. It didn’t take long. Total monetization causes a lot of mixed feelings. First of all, because it implies by paying me a salary my employers have purchased not only my time but my mind and my education, licensing all those things for exclusive use. But education is a social privilege, knowledge is something that should exist freely and go where it benefits others, strengthening the social contract. It’s the tithing principle, ten percent of whatever you do should reenter the communal stream. The ninety percent will keep you alive and secure, but the rest ensures you live in the kind of society worth living in.

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