Dunbar’s Number(s)
March 28, 2010, 9:59 pm
Filed under: nomadisms, when I grow up

“I’m still in love with you.”
“I know.”

Part of knowing someone is knowing who they know.

Last night, bottle of cheap red, offsale, slice of pizza, doing nothing in the apartment nook, with the windows wide open, spring air. Graceland remastered.


Procrastination. Next week could be a hell week, many things due, lots of interruptions, lack of co-operation from those seeking help. Friday was sort of a preview and I swore I would be in all weekend but have thus far avoided it, stretching into 3:30 pm Sunday afternoon. I’m making soup with pierogie dumpings and then I promise I am heading out to get some fresh air and wind up at the office to knock some things off the to-do list.

Have figured out.
1) I want to work with people.
2) I like shorter projects better than long term.
3) I want work to be, mostly, temporally restricted. As in, I don’t like jobs that require me to think about work in my off hours unless I want to, I don’t like constant residual guilt and am succeptible to it.
3(b) I realize this is impossible during skill-growth periods. But that is a different category.
4) I don’t ascribe to any of the values held by most people in my profession and having to pretend I do is wasted energy that could be spent on something else.
4(b) Community and values are exceedingly important to do most things long term. For me.
5) I do like the pressure that is forcing me to develop skills I didn’t know I had in me. I have learned things in the past six months I would not otherwise have picked up which will be useful in the future. I don’t think the changes over the past six months have been negative.
6) Finding mentorship that you can respect is hard but necessary to figure out where to go next.
7) I’m still learning a lot from people I don’t respect or want to emulate, but it’s not the preferable way to do things.


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