forever young
March 30, 2010, 4:39 am
Filed under: when I grow up

Tonight I went to a birthday party for a mid-twenties realtor I know. I figured, low key Monday night, get in, get out.

When I got there, I knew a few people from the way back but ended up at a table full of strangers. They were awkward, albeit funny with not yet formed manners. This should have been a giveaway.

One asked what I did, so I told him, which is something I do now because it’s increasingly likely I’ll get busted if I don’t. We talked a bit before it became apparent – he was in first year university! And living in residence! I was sitting at the kids table!

I was dressed in a cartoonish tshirt I like, jeans and these awesome comfortable moccasins. It took him a solid ten minutes of conversation to process what I had said, and he went back and asked if I was still in school. And then he asked how old I was. I didn’t ask how old he was because I’m a little quicker on the draw I guess. He told me about how awesome his particular dorm room was (a double, but bigger, and they had pushed their beds flush against the walls for maximum floor space), and how his roommate clearly didn’t trust him first semester but now they were good friends.

I wholly embraced the kids table and sort of egged them on to tell more “I cried and then I threw up” stories. I could tell I was making the three guys nervous. Eventually, one of them blurted into a conversational ebb:

“Do you have a boyfriend?”

Yes, I said. Then they asked if I was married or engaged. I waved my fingers. Nice kids. I bought my friend a birthday shot and left before anyone cried or threw up.


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