the legend of g-man
April 22, 2010, 2:26 am
Filed under: when I grow up

This universe throws me a lot of what I need when I need it.

After the last entry, a psychic call and just the conversation necessary.

And then.

Now that I’m booked (you hear me? Booked. Endless summer, here we go), I’ve been feeling off about it. Past worries about leaving the job/blowing the career. Fuck that noise. I worry a little bit about giving up the opportunity to earn an upper middle first world income. Which is ironic given that I don’t want the trappings of an upper middle first world life. I worry, a little, that my future partner will have to work harder than they should because I’m walking away from this.

And as I’m worrying about all those things, how we do, I get a call that L.G. is with our friends, G-Man and A., actually two that are responsible for getting us together-together, and the three of them popped a bottle of champagne when L.G. announced that I was coming. I can picture all of them, and I love that they’re the kind of people that would do that.

The story of G. G is from another country and when he came to college he didn’t speak any English. L.G. and G-Man were in the same fairly difficult program. I can’t imagine starting a new language and expecting to be a successful professional in it at eighteen. Anyways, G-Man decided he’d do that, so he did. He also decided to become a better surfer, having grown up somewhere without much of a surf community. That’s how he singled out L.G.

In his broken English, he began to repeatedly ask L.G. to go surfing. My boyfriend, being sort of a private school elitist at that point in his life, ignored this. G-Man persisted, over months, at English and getting L.G. to hang out with him. They wound up best friends, and surfing buddies.

He has a toothy grin and a crazy sense of humor and a sort of resourcefulness you get when you grew up with your parents as militia in a decade long civil war. He’s an amazing friend and a lovely boyfriend to A (they fell in love in their second languages), naturally compassionate.

I look at my peers and the society I live in, with self help and personal development and so much applause for the relatively mundane. Then, I look at G-man.

I needed that visual to get me thinking about rewards instead of risks, tonight. I needed my three friends, breaking out the bubbles, getting ready for the rest of our lives.


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