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May 8, 2010, 11:15 pm
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There’s nothing like having a guy whip out a zoom Nikon at a traffic light to take a picture of you on a street corner to make you feel a little odd. He waved sheepishly when the light changed and they drove by. It’s been that kind of day.

Strawberry gelato tubes. Drunken hat shopping. Spring.

Blind item. I have a close straight friend who is flying (first class) in a couple of weeks to a popular far flung vacation spot to act as a bodyguard for a well-known competitive drag queen who is presently sponsored by a porn company He disclosed this yesterday, before the drunken hat shopping, and I was like: this is so why we are friends. He has no experience as a bodyguard, but figures the drag queen himself could probably take out anyone who really made a move for it because he’s the toughest of the four guys going.

Second blind item. Another friend who has just gone through a break up is being threatened with naked pictures. Is there anyone out there without some form of provacative picture floating around? My vote was that while it’s relevant if in the naked picture you’re making sweet love to a farm animal, a little nudity generally hurts no one. Think to yourself: hell, I look good naked. And relax.

Why are guys always dropping that “she was a model” line and then you see a shot of said girl and think “as in, for Old Navy or Sears? Or nailpolish?” I’ve never heard a guy talk about dating models, having seen the picture, and thought wow. And, on the flipside, guys who actually date model-esque women don’t seem to dwell on this preoccupation so much. It’s all very confusing.

I’m cracking Season 3 of The Wire today. I have a new routine that involves dried meat products, The Wire, and a bottle of some heavy local ale. It would probably be more useful if I had a new routine involving doing the dishes and not piling my clothes in a giant heap, but we work with what we can.

Tomorrow, big plans for french lentils with bacon (and, likely, onion and carrot). The bacon is sitting wrapped in a magical little brown packet from the deli and it is taking all my resolve not to just fry it up and eat it au naturale right now.


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