late night pack attack
May 12, 2010, 5:21 am
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I somehow locked my phone in my office and will have to go by and get it tomorrow before leaving. Of course, my phone is my alarm clock so it’s sort of a fun game to see how much time I’ll actually have when I wake up.

I semi laid out clothes I thought I might want to wear in a separate heap last night, which revealed I would not have sufficient clean underthings to make the trip if I didn’t do laundry, necessitating 11pm laundry.

Over the week, I had been piling things to remember to take (digital camera? Packet of pecans? Bus fare?) on the table in the kitchen. This was actually a good strategy given that it’s now 11:00 pm and I still have to empty my roll-y of the summer clothes I’ve been storing in it.

The thing is, I know in my head it’s not a big deal no matter what as long as I make the flight. And have some kind of plastic card that people accept in the place of cash.

The wedding has turned out to be a mini-reunion, with four of my close friends from college in attendance in addition to the groom. I’m so glad I’m going.

I think I just bought a wedding present online. I actually have no idea what it is but it seemed to go with other stuff people had purchased by the three syllable abbreviated descriptions and hopefully avoided duplication. And they can just pick it up when they want as opposed to schlepping it to the ceremony and wherever else.

Wedding registries are such a strange thing, especially knowing the couple. I started to think about what would actually last. Flatware. What suited them, sight unseen. Highballs. If anyone would fail to notice the two rice cookers on the list. An itemized list of grown up wishes.

I don’t have grown up wishes yet, but I will certainly order you something on line in support of yours.

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