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May 19, 2010, 2:38 am
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Agggh so much to write about so little cognitive ability.

Good trip. Good to see so many people.

The wedding was perfect. Seriously, perfect. It gave me faith in weddings again. And not just because it was open bar, but because my friend from college sang (he mouthed the girl part) to their very obscure first dance, because she thanked her parents for immigrating so she could meet him, because the speeches were heartwarming and yet brief, because everything was precisely organized to nod to their respective cultures and families. The dance floor was full by the second song. They served a soup and then just let people hit the buffet as they finished – probably the best plan I have ever seen for orderly service of a couple hundred people. Everything was easy, yet precise. My friends looked better than either have ever looked.

Everything else was great. So much time walking around both cities, semi purposelessly. Delivery of the good pad thai, which I should have somehow stored in my seven stomachs and brought home, thinking about it now. Late night wanders and small adventures.

A lot of people I know are happier than expected right now, mostly classmates. This is good, happy endings are really, really good, especially since some weren’t so great a while back. The kids are allright.

Unofficial Roadtrip Jam:

The only slight disappointment is my friend who is having his second successive relationship with someone he knows he’s probably leaving for reasons of convenience. Old habits. I wanted to tell him to get the guts to do it alone, sleep alone, for a bit, but it never got to that honest (and maybe drunk) point. Or maybe because I know he knows and it’s best to let it just work itself out even if a third party gets hurt? Morals and ethics, morals and ethics.

Also, my former roommate showed up to the festivities and was an amplified version of the person I distinctly disliked two years ago and a fly in the champagne. We returned to old habits – me ignoring her, her getting increasingly insecure about my unwillingness to engage and odd. Old habits, indeed.

At the airport the new issue of Monocle was waiting along with a trashy paperback. I never end up reading what I bring with me because I never seem to know what I will feel like reading, except for Monocle, which used to be an airports only sort of thing but has become more available and tragically less exciting. Transit home was painful and exhaustion hit sometime late Sunday afternoon as we walked around eating popsicles and looking at historic buildings.


Recently I had the funniest incident of jealousy which was useful as a clear cue towards something I didn’t even know I wanted. This obvious emotional reaction felt strange because it’s, honestly, sort of rare for me.


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