May 20, 2010, 2:57 am
Filed under: when I grow up

Late 2007 – meet in a party city, I call him on using The Game, we have a competition to see who can pick up a target, both aiding the other to a reasonable degree. I win. Earlier in the night he’d done blow off a prostitute’s derriere to cross it off his bucket list, he’d never encountered a prostitute or done hard drugs before, but the opportunity presented. I like people who can tell the truth about sketchy things.

I figure out he’s almost five years younger than me sometime after we make out, sometime before he asks for my contact information. We’re messed up kindred spirits.

2008 – a few messages, mostly along the lines of “hey how’s it going you’re insane lets do that again when geography intersects”

Early 2009 – his relationship status goes engaged.

Summer 2009 – his relationship status is single, and angry.

September 2009 – counting back, approximate conception.

Late October 2009 – the kind of winking message a single guy sends a girl he’s made out with in a foreign country. He didn’t know yet. Maybe she didn’t know yet.

January 2010 – his relationship status is married.

May 2010 – a family photo appears, two dogs, a baby bump, him. She’s a couple of years younger than him, and would have been just out of higschool at the relevant date.

I think he might just be crazy enough to make it work.


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