this time next year will be forevermore
May 21, 2010, 4:08 am
Filed under: unrelated thoughts

These tiny silver reminders sprout, always more visible after a winter, because winter lacks vitamins or because hair comes out of it so much darker, and it is a slow good way to come to terms.

[Aging. I’m not afraid of aging, I’m afraid of aging badly.]

Another week down, this one went crazy fast. The supreme irony is how much I’m doing to shape the future of the workplace right now. Sitting on committees. Attending lunches and offering opinions, though the final opinion is, perhaps, I was not to be trusted.

Today we had a downpour, so much so fast the scent crept into the tower. Workers paused. It takes so much for nature to direct us up in there, we’re immune to the constraints of daylight or mid-afternoon temperatures.

Life should be directed by weather and seasons. Air should not be trapped and efficiently heated and circulated, at least not so much.

When L.G. came he marvelled at how we control our environments. The temperature of our tap water and our rooms in cold weather. When it’s cold there, the wind blows through your home and rattles your windows. You adjust. You sleep with more blankets, or maybe with someone else. You embrace an electric kettle and drink endless cups of tea.

The other day, in an airport terminal, impulsively, sort of flirtatiously, smiled at the little elderly guy with the cleaning cart, who hoarsely called out “beautiful!” And I like to think we were both, briefly, a little more alive.

Friendly Fires – Paris (Aeroplane Remix feat Au Revoir Simone)


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