May 22, 2010, 4:47 am
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Right now I’m cleaning up my bedroom. I’ve sworn to spring clean (who are we kidding – actually clean?) one room per day during this long weekend stretch. Because I don’t purchase much lately I’ve tricked myself into buying that I don’t own anything. Not. True.

Clothes everywhere. Some of this a result of living in a relatively extreme climate requiring three seasons of layering. Some of this is having a real grown up job and still dressing like a student in my off hours (according to the lady on the plane last week, a high school student). One pile is mostly leftovers from when L.G. stayed here, a few pieces have been adopted and the rest just lurk in piles.

Tomorrow my day is sucked up in a high profile wedding. Catholic service. Attempted to give the dress I plan to wear a rinse, discovering a drunken beverage trail from its last wear about three and a half years ago. The profiles of the couple make the potential attendees interesting but potentially much older. I hope they reign in the polkas at least.

[Couscous tonight. Did not go well. Excess water, lack of veg mixed in. I remember this feta morrocan chicken take away I used to get from Woolie’s, the way couscous should be. This version? Dismay. Am going to make some late night brownies because it’s my long weekend and I say so]

I wish I was going to the lake tonight. A lake. Stars and beer and campfires. B called me last weekend while I was away to tell me we could get four perfect hours in before dark if we left the city now.

Here’s a gem from lake summers past:

Come to think of it, the verses of the song are pretty much equivalent to conversations I had with guys from fifteen to ninteen… random tangent to Paul Revere… what? (Maybe that’s why I was so confused and it took awhile to get my mack on).

Clearly the best line from the song is “steal your honey like I stole your bike.” Loaded words, son.

You can learn everything you need to know about being awesome in the summer from watching that video. Crib the tips, kids, crib the tips.


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