Why Vuvuzelas are Awesome
June 14, 2010, 2:47 am
Filed under: nomadisms, overtly political

Hey world, it’s Africa, what’s up? This is how we party here.

I like that people are being forced to contend with the vuvuzela because it’s too easy to pretend this event is somewhere else. FIFA has had more than enough control over everything – they’ve even, according to my sources, priced the black market out of beer in the stadiums thus far! South Africa is an in-your-face place, for better or worse, and once you get used to the horns, much like getting used to Africa, you might just calm down, like it and want it for your own.

The first strike goal was incredibly moving. The reaction of the fans and the players, one for the books. The first goal in the first African soil tournament scored by an African man.

I’m not a sports fiend but this tournament is important. It’s a game changer. Obviously there are tons of people writing about this out there. As a Canadian who believes that accepting multiculturalism is the truth, the way and the light, it’s important to acknowledge a game that represents not only the most watched event in the world, but something so accessible. England alongside Brazil and Zimbabwe. South Korea and Italy. That alone is impressive, modern gladiators sent in by their respective nations for glory. Millions of people holding their breath at once. Powerful stuff.


My nine year old Mary Janes finally busted a toe.

In two and a half weeks, I’ll return to life without television, about which I’m sort of ambivalent. It’s nice during a cold long winter but for other purposes it doesn’t provide as much satisfaction as other things for me, like reading or being outside or socializing.

In two and a half months, it’s over, I’m done. I’m roadtripping in July for a few days and otherwise heading to the lakes. This weekend suggested the long, hot prairie summer has arrived, with a Pride Parade and stacks of cheese burgers at the Farmer’s Market. I’m trying to remember the best parts of this country for a long time.


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