June 18, 2010, 10:58 pm
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Living where I am right now has this remoteness that isn’t obvious until trying to get out. The timing, cost, connections; all poor. It’s not rural, just remote.

In a couple of weeks, roadtrip for a few days. It reminds me of a time when just saying yes to things worked out. A friend offered up an unoccupied house for a couple of days, another one mentioned a huge party at the next stop, the one way ticket went sufficiently on sale. So even though there’s this overarching objective of socking enough away for the inevitable rainy days of the next year… it was too good to pass up, too well timed, involved too many people I want to see.

This experience itself it sort of a head trip. All of it. Promise.

Despite living apart from friends and family for the past seven years, seeing people has happened. However, it’s mostly through my efforts. Stopovers in the USA, bombing home for Christmas, heading East or West as tickets and the wind blow right. Now, it’s not so clear. Along with packing stuff comes packing relationships, figuring which ones will travel well and recognizing some won’t survive.

It’s funny how you don’t know what will break in transit, but it’s rarely a surprise what does.


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