Decluttering and Moving On
August 12, 2010, 11:23 pm
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Things that will be missed in my current neighborhood: the cupcake bakery, the massive biblio, excellent if rarely used transit proximity, the best if rarely used liquor store in town.

The apartment itself was sort of functional and never felt like home, just a quiet crash pad for an expanse of time that has gone very quickly. The restaurants downtown are sort of lacking, and theres no late night food of note, which has probably saved me in the long run. Last week I finally kicked my 7-11 nacho vice when I saw this girl openly coughing near the station and the cheese came out in globs and it was only 7pm instead of 3am.

Im still emptying my kitchen. Last night I made a large tray of sort of organic fairly low fat granola from everything that could be used for baking. Its tasty, like oatmeal raisin coconut cookies. Just mixing everything up was pretty satisfying, dumping a bunch of stuff in a big bowl and coming out with a 500 gram bag.


Reducing things piecemeal, instead of just throwing them out, has been very perspective-inducing. I thought I was living a nomadic somewhat minimalist life before, moving into my apartment with a few boxes and simple furniture. I didnt think I owned a lot of clothes or shoes. I considered my beauty routine pretty lo-fi. I felt like I had some versatile cooking skills and lived by buying fresh. Ha!

The idea of starting again is really comfortable. If nothing, with a better idea of what I want and need. A lot of consumption in my early twenties was about sorting out an identity. Trying different clothes, owning stuff used (an iron) and less used (springform cake pans), figuring out how to stock a kitchen and feed myself (looking back on what I was eating at nineteen is sort of funny. Bags on bags of burritos, yes please). Going through this process makes me very wary of the wedding registry gun.

Its also been months since I bought anything that wasnt food. Nine months since a pair of shoes, three months since any kind of personal grooming product. It’s been a sort of practical fast.


Yesterday I sold a DVD for $10. While its true theres a bunch of messing around that comes with listing stuff online, its also weirdly satisfying to have someone show up at your house and take something away that you didnt want and give you money for it.


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