Saturn Return
August 18, 2010, 1:42 am
Filed under: nomadisms, runaway

I finally quit my job.

Good idea, bad idea, I guess we’ll see. There hasn’t been any huge backlash (I put appropriate spins on what I’m doing out there for appropriate groups, I think) but there will probably be some less than warm goodbyes. The thing is, it’s not that it was a bad job or the people were bad or the work was unduly terrible. Everything was okay. For other people with things like mortgages, children and houses – this job makes all the sense in the world. It’s probably better that this move wasn’t forced by hating life in any real sense, because it’s not a rash decision, it happened with careful measure and patience.

But still people will ask why. It seems.

Maybe they’ll get an answer or a version of an answer.

Maybe they won’t.

How does it feel to be hurtling towards unemployment? Better after I found out I have more in currency stocked up abroad than I’d thought – enough for September, enough to get bearings, enough to ride out a possible exchange rate dip. This is so minor yet feels better. Small sureties.

Some practical details in case you’re interested.

I decided to delay organizing anything for the next step, no tickets, no visas. I’m also staying with my bank even though I’m not in love with them because (1) the online banking is easy and concise, (2) they have offered all kinds of overdraft protection and inexpensive credit that is a backup to the backup of the backup, (3) the card appears to works everywhere in any machine. I do figure I’m going to open up a separate TFSA within the next bit so the cash held in it earns a modest bit of interest and keeps pace with the modest current inflation.

Selling furniture, so far, has been a pain. Hopefully the town is flooded with students ASAP who need student furniture. To be fair, the only thing that was ever new was a queen mattress. The donation drop date is probably the weekend after this one. A run by the used CD/DVD store is sure to be disheartening but will hopefully be worth lunch.

Outstanding: insurance and fresh credit cards.

Tonight: the second edition of trial packing. Since the first round, a few things have shifted because of a trial and wear project. I also need to seriously test the capacity of my carry on and how the “second bag” surfboard bag with a longboard skateboard in it is going to fare…


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