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September 27, 2010, 5:19 am
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Thirteen dollar bottle of wine there, two dollar bottle of wine here. No eight dollar glasses in restaurants either.

All of the stress knots in my back are gone. With no intervention. Dissolved, done. First appearing in spring of first year, worsening through work last year, beaten into submission by painful massage therapy periodically.

The other day I made carbonara sauce for the first time. It was crazy easy and tasty. And, at the grocery store we discovered a packet cream pasta sauce with no actual cream. Whatever hydrogenated petro byproducts are in it, it was delicious and pleasing. At another grocery store I found 17% soy cream that is undergoing testing (coffee… fail? Cereal… decent). The dairy-limited life can be dealt with.

Starting to hunt for mussels in the rocks after high tide. We hiked them the other day and there were hundreds of tiny starfish in the tide pools. A crab screamed and doved under the rock (assumed crab). The goal, of course, is to catch and clean a fish without trepidation (fear of fish t.b. addressed during this process).

The pub in town is alive on the weekends. The older folks head down one way, the younger ones hold court a block away. Beer is cheap and the vibe is homey; the last time I was there someone had picked a bucket of oranges from his backyard and was offering them to whoever came in. It will be different during summer, season, when the town gets flooded by inland residents for a month and everyone makes enough to live on for the next year.

In New York, tried on all these clothes at Zara. Disinterested. Having just divested so much, anything less than perfect felt wasteful. Having just carried it through multiple connections, extra weight seemed frivolous. I left the city with a new dress from Little Brazil on Brazil Day (birthday purposes), one plain soft tshirt and a pair of sunglasses to replace the ones left behind about a year ago. Given the volume of interesting stuff available, this seemed like a waste.


notes from airplanes
September 24, 2010, 2:33 pm
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New York story. I met a kid who grew up close to where I lived who had moved to New York to become a dancer. He was sort of insane but hangs out with the Step Up crews and I saw him do some pretty random legit stuff. It only took four beers before I admitted loving break dancing movies and got all fan-boy.

I took a bus to the top of Central Park from the airport carrying pretty much everything I owned. It was like thirty degrees and when I carried it four blocks I had to stop every half a block to adjust because my hands were sweating and the suitcase was slipping. Later I’d stay in a W and have the bell guy tote my bags around and people open doors.

I went to Harlem for some soul food and found some $2 chicken meal, biscuit in, and ate it in Central Park watching some kids harrass the cops. I walked through Columbia, incidentally my first upper tier school ever, eating a black and white cookie. Most of the time spent alone, I just walked and walked and walked. Not much on the list ended up getting done, ran out of time, ran out of energy. Left JFK not being that interested in returning. There was a time in my life when I would have loved that city but I spent it somewhere else and that is ok.

In Abu Dhabi forty degree air sucked into the cabin, overwhelming the air-con, stifling as I sat next to a guy wearing some kind of livestrong bracelet and a Yes We Can tshirt with what I have to assume was yiddish printed under it. What is “yes we can” in Yiddish? Abu Dhabi was the most culture shocked I’ve felt in awhile. They gave away free copies of the Economist and wifi but water fountains were hard to come by. Even though I was in a large conservative sweater and long pants I felt like a heathen surrounded by women in various levels of billowing Muslim dress. They really do carry expensive designer bags with burqas and niquabs. The airport itself was stunning and cool, like walking into some kind of Ali Baba pop up book, mosaics and glitter in the arrival terminal. I wondered what the women looked like underneath, what their everyday life was like, it was all somehow finally something beyond a relateable concept. It made me want to visit the UAE and glad that this was not the time I had chosen to do it.

Funny that it took that airport to give me a sense of difference that it has been so long since feeling. Newness and curiosity.

In this house we have been eating a packet of cookies and a bag of chips every day, watching movies. It overlooks the vast blue ocean bay, still as a bathtub but typically windy. It’s been an admittedly lethargic week, not even reading much beyond magazines, not thinking, letting days rise and pass without much attention. Checked the mostly empty aquarium and a couple of museums, walked along the beach, browsed endless bookstores. Considered what I want for my birthday and how old I will be two months from now.

LG’s family is loud and friendly. Last night, all the kids at his parent’s house with respective significant others; last weekend, lunch with his grandparents. The first thing his grandma said to me, in heavily accented English, was “Yes! I have seen you on facebook!”

house sitting
September 21, 2010, 2:10 pm
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Digital hiatus, maybe an hour over twenty something days, feels like nothing. Now I have unlimited access to everything digital, via housesitting, and am mostly distinterested. My plastic cell phone with no features lives on, costing roughly $5 per month in text messages. No contract, no problem.

What to actually do remains an open question, having made it this far. Two weeks in, no real answers. Mostly I have been waiting for the currency to rebound, reading books, hanging out with my boyfriend, visiting friends, firming up my body, waiting for the weather to improve. Thinking.