listening quietly to Ben Harper on a Wednesday
November 10, 2010, 10:58 am
Filed under: insight, voyageur

So many storms on the horizon. Lately people around me are swirling with all kinds of disturbances. Luckily, LG is not included and our peaceful weekends at the surf shack never seem long enough. I’m almost sure the sound of his chest thudding and the way he smells lowers my blood pressure instantly and puts me immediately to sleep, which is an odd thing.

I accidentally went to a trance party last week. I thought we were going camping in the woods. It turned out the woods was a tent full of lasers and people on acid doing that three in the morning stompy marching dance. There was a ten foot fire pit that lit up all the trees in the area. A lot of people had that spooked out look, the kind of thing you should take your twelve year old to see before they think about getting too far into pills that make you see the pretty colours too young.

I ate half a bag of mushrooms, I could feel them churning my stomach, my pupils blowing open. For the first five hours I was laughing and dancing and when the biggest rolling parts of the trip wore off I sat by the fire and watched the sparks, aware that for all the scenery set up to enhance the party, nothing is ever more beautiful than nature; feeling like life was good and everything was ok. Through the night I had these sensations of being able to step outside my own mind, to examine my own thoughts as a neutral observer in a really peaceful place. Insight. None of these thoughts were overly interesting, exceptional or deep, but they didn’t have to be.

It was sort of like drug induced therapy. I fell asleep on the passenger seat of Shaun’s truck at 6 am, after dawn.


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