what it is like when november means summer is here
November 28, 2010, 11:27 am
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Three nights of semi debauchery. Last night we find a new bar that looks like a rec room run by a guy who looks like a biker but turns out to be a pussycat who likes to talk about his sixteen month old kid.

The night before I go to the traditional night club, the one where they two step and drink a lot of brandy, the boys remind me of my boyfriend and I remember how much of him is his culture right down to movements. They are a beautiful bunch of men, broad shouldered and big armed, a disproportionate number with perfect teeth and eyesight. When you dance with one there is no question who is leading.

The night before that there was a big party where someone dropped a birthday cake on the floor and then it got mashed, into the floor, into people’s faces, whatever. The birthday gift was a fifteen pound watermelon, which people began to stick their faces in. Before long everyone was covered in watermelon juice and icing, guys were taking off their shirts and diving through the muck, and it was a beautiful mess. I woke up sticky the next morning and showered in my clothes.

I realize how long I’ve been here by how many people I know casually in town. Going out has this pleasant feeling of recognition. This is a difficult town to live in, full of rumors and grudges, but a nice town to be on the periphery of.

I know I’m on a run right now because after this time in my life it may be awhile before I get to be on my own again and lately I am going through a slow process of evaluating this and coming to terms with compromise. It is harder to meet friends when you’re with someone.

My birthday came and went. Two of my friends and all of my family remembered even though I’ve done the facebook wipe; L.G.’s family was the sweetest and called me collectively on speakerphone to sing happy birthday. His dad sent an early a.m. text that said although they don’t know me well yet they do know that I make L.G. really happy, which was sort of a lovely sentiment.

[Techical Details and Timelines. Right now we’re waiting to see if he makes it, if he passes. The presentation is on December 1st, we will know the results by December 3rd, I don’t think he’s going to pull out. If he doesn’t get the papers this time then we will wait six months for the next panel evaluation period and probably spend the next year here. If he gets the papers we figure we’ll have six more months in the country. Depending on all of this, I will decide whether to get a work visa and do some sort of job.]

Nap time.


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