From absentia
February 14, 2011, 12:24 pm
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So I now live about 5km of highway away from internet, which is sort of expensive anyways, causing my updates to be sporadic. If you must know, I have been spending my time growing a small herb garden and harvesting shellfish and longboarding down my street and trying to master speed Sudoku. Sometimes we take long walks through the nature reserves next door that look like National Geographic could be filming around any rock (think whale bones on vast beaches, green fields, rocking outcroppings and lots of ocean). Sometimes we snorkle in the tide pools, literally the octopus’ garden, checking out the angelfish (and hoping for oysters).

LG passed, his project got high marks, he got a job in the small town where the beach house is and now I guess we sort of live there. We’re hoping to be on the road by the end of July, with a quick stopover home before heading on to further employment pastures for both of us, probably in a big commonwealth country, hopefully a warm one by the sea. We are now both, technically, “professionals” even though I have temporarily given up my membership. If you were to hang out with us in our living room, it would seem impossible that either of us are competent to do the things we are trained to do. I think that’s what makes it great.

We’ve since gone into African desert on a road trip. It was pretty rad, as far as deserts go. There was quadbiking, camping in a game reserve and lots of German-African food involved. Nothing like being woken by a herd of deer springing over and around our 1x.7m tent (technically a “two youth” tent, but we’re small people), which we left the rain cover off of for ventilation. I still want to head up the other coast but am not sure how to swing the timing to do so, and if I can get away with a solo mission.


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