March 8, 2011, 2:12 pm
Filed under: overtly political

About to give fried chicken a go, for the first time EVER. Fried chicken and green beans and maybe some squash.

This is an interesting article. Notes on the diaspora:

…the vast majority (65 percent) of non-resident Canadians were born in Canada. This helps to explain why members of the Canadian diaspora seem to have a strong sense of affinity to this country: 64 percent continue to call Canada home, and close to 70 percent indicate an intention to return to Canada at some point in the future (almost half of that number within the next ten years).

I have come across and handful of Canadians who could be considered part of the diaspora in this country. One moved here strictly to be with her boyfriend, another worked as a university professor and on a PhD, a third was working illegally and making visa runs. The only one I particularly identified with was the one who had attended school and worked in this country of her own volition, as we had similar solo travel stories and observations that result from institutional integration (i.e. being part of the traditional workplace, attending school).

I can’t actually imagine giving up my citizenship. Ever. Or referring to myself as something else first, and a Canadian second. National identity is too much a part of my personality, history, values, and ideals.

Finally, resident Canadian citizens need to start conceiving of Canada in non-geographic terms. Yes, its hub exists in the upper half of the North American continent. More broadly, it is a particular configuration of goals, values and shared experiences that is dispersed around the globe. In this sense, as Loat has put it, Canada becomes “wherever Canadians are.” And that makes it a very big country indeed.


It’s hot here today, unusual for our tiny outcropping which tends to be breezy no matter how boiling it gets just twenty kilometers inland. We went swimming at lunch, the water is Carribean blue. Normally this weather means the wind shifts onshore midday, but right now things are pretty still and we’ll be checking out the beachfront again when LG gets home from work.


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