Thoughts After Hearing About a Tsunami
March 14, 2011, 8:20 am
Filed under: popconsumption, waves

1) Sadness for loss of life/destruction.
2) What it would be like to be hit by a wave that powerful and how I would fare in the situation.
3) Considerations about where waves will hit producing very memorable surf.
4) Guilt about #3.

The thing is, waves are partially the product of storms or other disturbances out in the ocean. Bad weather, for us, means potentially good waves. It is hard to reconcile the outcomes.

Yesterday, a little shark cruising around my current favorite point break. I saw the fin, LG saw the shark. This happened at the same time the plug attaching my leash to the board was one big wave away from popping out. The thing about sharks is that most of them aren’t so bad or particularly dangerous, especially the little ones. Even Great Whites don’t tend to chow people until a certain maturity. But, at the end of the day, most sharks have sharp teeth and strong jaws and even a little nibble by mistake…

The plug removed, I experimented on the beach break with tiny waves and no leash. It’s been awhile, and a longboard, since I gave that a go. It feels pretty free. I’m still going to patch up my plug and put the leash back on pretty quickly.


Television stations here often play whatever they want and somehow make mistakes in what is supposed to be broadcase and what actually plays. For example, this morning the only show I would watch during the day is mysteriously absent. It may come back later this week, it may not. The weekly guide is no help, often containing any number of errors. Sometimes they accidentally play last week’s episode of any given program. It keeps it live, I guess.

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