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March 15, 2011, 12:36 pm
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We have a resident mongoose. We’ve had him for awhile, long enough for him to get a girlfriend. Sometimes we pitch bones into the backyard bushes and watch him appear minutes later to get a feed. He’s an above average climber and will hoist the bones into the trees and watch us when he eats. Sometimes he gets into our roof at night and bangs around. The general lack of (poisonous!) snakes around our house, thus far, touch wood, may be attributable to a robust mongoose population in this area. Of course, we have named ours (Thembi, which is generally a girl’s name, but whatever, it’s not like we’re able to check out his goods to confirm our suspicions).

It looks like one of the plants sprouting in the herb garden is an invader instead of a herb. The rest of the plants are doing well and at least three varieties of sprouts are thriving, including chives and so much coriander. Harvest for everything but bits of coriander is at least a month off. A small vegetable garden is the next, if constantly delayed, project. Mostly, indecision about where to put it.

Our compost expiriment (i.e. throwing all organic non meat waste in a pile in the backyard where we also put our fire ashes) has been a ridiculous success. The rate the waste degrades has sped up with regular dumping and our garbage is drastically reduced and less, um, pungent. Some of the waste is probably carried away by little animals, but most appears to be breaking down. The egg shells are the slowest to decompose thus far. Throwing coffee grounds and tea leaves on the pile doesn’t appear to affect anything either way. The pile itself has no discerable smell.

Today, thinking about quick pickling some green beans. I love pickles and I would love to just pickle my own vegetables whenever I like or whenever I have an excess. Flipping through a magazine awhile ago, I discovered that pickling isn’t conceptually restricted to the mammoth task I remember my grandmothers undertaking when I was growing up. (Think mason jars, sterilization and vats of mysterious boiling liquid). Pickling can, apparently, be very small scale and doesn’t necessarily involve the intensive sealing process if planning on eating the product quickly. All I know is green beans and pickled peppers are my all time favorite garnishes for ceasars… everyone needs goals.

One other thing. My entire life, I’ve been an injury prone bruiser. Being able to spend what is now almost a year in summer-like conditions with a lot more sunlight, specifically a lot more natural vitamin D, seems to be fixing a lot of things up. I got a bruise last week after literally slamming my leg into the corner of the car door. It’s the first big bruise I’ve had in a long time, and it’s way smaller and less oddly coloured than I would have expected. I don’t mean sunbathing type exposure, which can actually be harmful, but the twenty minutes per day off-peak kind of exposure recommended by some medical sources I am too lazy to find and refer to. The kind you get watering your herb garden, poking around in your compost and walking to get the paper.

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