jesus and the information super highway
April 11, 2011, 2:40 pm
Filed under: unrelated thoughts

Today, I fixed our desktop. It’s amazing what can be done when the alternatives are unattractive. Inside the guts of the computer, things were shockingly simple. That this assortment of wires and circuits was sufficient to connect, or fail to connect, to the world.

When the internet runs like a taxi meter the real components of site design come out. North American site design leans towards fat looping script and oversized graphics and unannounced video streams. News is the worst, ballooning with all manner of coded advertisements, impossible to neatly filter.


Last night we went to a children’s choir, singing and dancing orphans of one colour performing for God loving people of another colour. It was all very confusing from every angle. Did the kids notice that though they probably saw people that looked like them on the street, none of those people were inside the building?

[Religion here is as mismatched as everything else. People will say they love Jesus and want to go to Heaven before moving on to the finer points of what their ancestors would have them do and what is basically toned-down witchcraft (along the lines of eating things to absorb their powers, generally animals, sometimes albinos, it varies).]


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