A List About Liking Living Here and What I Will Do On Going Home
June 23, 2011, 9:25 am
Filed under: voyageur

1) Monkeys. Big and small, usually together, running by the roads, communicating with each other, staring at whoever looks at them.

2) The politics. Scary or not, every week is riveting, issues are weighty, it is hard to come up with definitive answers, the brain spins. Brain spin is a good thing.

3) Multilingualism. Understanding basic conversation in a third language (speaking… eh… on its way). Not going a single day ever hearing just one language.

4) The Soap Operas. I learned a lot of language #3 a traditional immigrant way: watching soapies. Not quite like home, soapies here are watched by dudes too (shh). They have helped me learn lexical structure, community values, and general cultural nuances.

5) The Medication. It’s strong. It’s over the counter. It’s very inexpensive.

6) The Ethos of Self Sufficiency. People from my boyfriend’s cultural background typically have a weird and wonderful variety of skills resulting from a social expectation of self sufficiency. Last weekend he rewired a bunch of our light sockets to alter some kind of voltage thing like he was making a sandwich.

7) Cooking stuff over a fire. As a social activity. What you do to mark special occaisions, or every Saturday, or whenever a friend comes by with beer or wine, or when you visit your parents…

Last… The food. Centuries of fusion. Indian curries plus English style condiments plus farm pantry staples plus African stews and a little twist of French pastry with Dutch style fried breads and gouda cheese and German meat curing. Portugese chicken and hot sauce for all!

Going home for a period I reflect on what I miss a bit, making a list of what to do in North America. It’s a pretty short list. I will probably: find a soy latte, eat a lot of tortilla chips and bottled salsa, try to locate the last season of Gossip Girl, order pizza with everything that can possibly be delivered with pizza (wings, bread sticks, marinara sauce), order pizza again, use the quick download speed to fix up my music collection, and eat at some kind of chinese buffet. LG is looking forward to North American breakfast cereals and cake mix, wings, and flavoured lattes. Crass list, maybe so, I’ll see you at the Pizza Hut buffet.


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