African Winters, Bastille Day, Patti Smith, Collage
June 28, 2011, 10:24 am
Filed under: popconsumption, runaway

Winter here is like perpetual Spring. The warm days are balmy t-shirt inducing intervals, the cold days are chilly. This Winter is one of the colder in the multi year cycles, with a lot of rain and regular freezing inland. I wear things like a light parka and leather booties and a lot of scarves. Businesses seem mostly heated, homes mostly not. I write this from under a multi-season duvet (we’re too cheap and transient for a proper Winter one), a wool blanket and a comforter. I am wearing a scarf, hat, sweatshirt, parka, jeans, leggings and socks. I have with me a secret weapon.

One of the most romantic things I have been given is a hot water bottle, which I typically keep at my feet and sometimes cuddle in my lap. The hot water bottles of my childhood seemed old school and I would not have purchased one of my own volition but I am now a re-convert.

We celebrated Bastille Day about a week ago in my new favorite neighbourhood. It has the kind of food\bars\people that appeal to the impractical part of me that wants to eat muffins in little shops with fake distressed tables and wear sundresses all day every day. For all of my dismissing of Cape Town last week, suddenly the cosy global movement had me at salut.

I love this interview with Patti Smith for so many reasons and not just because she is nostalgic in it for a kind of city that maybe doesn’t exist anymore.

“When I started playing I couldn’t sing very well and I couldn’t play any instrument. I didn’t know anything about technology. I’d never been in front of a microphone. I didn’t know shit, but I did know rock ‘n’ roll and I did believe that it was mine and I was one of the people and it was my art and I felt it was my right to get up and embrace it and to express my feelings through it and adding poetry or political energy or whatever.”


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