Charming Customs and Thinking Australia
August 10, 2011, 8:09 pm
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Hello, beautiful

Flash of a gold toothed smile, instant stamp, no questions. After thirteen hours of delay and two blown connections, a break. The fastest I have ever been processed through customs, anywhere.

Leaving the country there were more questions than usual, an ugly fine the veiled threat behind direct demands as to whether my prior holiday visa had been an actual holiday. On the way back in, a flip through the document would have revealed what the airline noted when I was on my way out: it looks a lot like I’m returning home.

Customs strikes fear in my heart. It’s why when a few years ago a guy told me to take down my hair, shake it out and take off my glasses then stared at me awkwardly for a couple of lecherous minutes, I gladly complied. It’s why I didn’t mind some dude picking me out of a line up only to half open my suitcase and ask me if I was enjoying the book I was carrying. I’ll pick lame flirtation over interrogation any day, probably -10 on the good feminist scale.

I’m not worried about the next trip because I’m well within the stamp and the Aussie WHV process sounds, by all accounts, to be a pretty easy thing. If you think about it, this makes perfect sense. If any country understands flexible longterm travel plans it’s probably the Aussies.

Today I started mentally listing some of the other stuff I already know Australia and I have in common to take the edge off our impending sort-of blind date. First, Australia and I are apparently both pro-zinc, as in sunscreen. Australia also produces a number of bands I’ve liked for a long time, including Angus and Julia Stone, and might just have the sleepy music hole bars I’ve been missing. It turns out Australia makes my current favorite tshirts, so maybe we will be swapping clothes. Finally, appears Australia and I have both been known to unashamedly drink cheap wine when the mood strikes.

Yep, this might just go alright.


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