One thousand kilometers and a week later
October 26, 2011, 5:04 am
Filed under: nomadisms

(Here begins a series called short entries from my phone, perversely the cheapest internet available)

New town, new job.

This town, in its bones, is almost exactly the kind of place I imagine settling down.  Seaside, beautiful, no traffic but more than one bakery and a decent movie theatre. I have  yet to make the twenty minute trek to the breaks but everything I hear is good. 

Meanwhile, LG has taken a temporary gig in another  country.  Depending how things go,  I could find myself landing there in three months or so instead of back in our little surf shack.  The adventure continues.

A weekend in the city was  fun but expensive, I checked out the backpacker ghetto and found cheap thai food, drinking games, crowded Ikea clad dorms, and sweaty clubs. Sweaty in a room-temperature sandwich meat sort of way.

I went to a friends of friends of friends party, drank a bottle of wine and caught the last train home. When I drink here I wake up with no phone credit from calling LG. 

I went shopping for work clothes and christmas gifts and experienced the retail disorientation that comes after seven weeks in a small town.  I blew cash on all manner of yuppie groceries and wandered department store cosmetics aisles like I had never seen eye liner before.

Now I’m back at work, banking cash and making more plans.


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