November 15, 2011, 9:15 am
Filed under: unrelated thoughts

We had a start of summer bonfire Sunday on the beach, complete with full moon. I caught an early ride back to sleep in my own bed, others stayed until the 4 am sunrise and slept in the back of a truck.

The next day everyone except me was hanging too hard for the beach so I spent another sunny afternoon with a book and the waves to myself. 

Summer is proving just about perfect so far, all warm mornings and cool afternoon breezes.  There are still unexplored cafes, a small stack of books and unwandered paths.

Back at the office,  I feel like I don’t have much in common with most of my coworkers.  Bizarrely, three weeks have passed without hearing a single interesting conversation, let alone having one. Everyone is nice enough but the banal small talk is like public transit through a taupe suburban wasteland.  My favorite co worker is a sixty year old man who nicknamed my roommate Big Bird between making inappropriate dick jokes.

I miss people who have music I haven’t heard yet, people who make art or at least like it, people with gonzo travel stories or strange degrees.  Maybe that’s snobbery. Maybe this is yet another life lesson I need to sort out.


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