Small details in a big country
November 18, 2011, 2:05 pm
Filed under: unrelated thoughts

“My phone won’t play [my weekly Jersey Shore] videos.”
“Ok what you can do is turn it off right now.
“I’m speaking to you on it.”
“Ok what you can do is put your SIM in another phone, see if that works.”
“Who has two phones, why would I have two phones?
“Am I paying to speak to you right now? “
“Yes , there is a flat 25 cent per minute charge. “

Oh Telstra, such a winner.

Then I spotted what may be a white back spider in my shower (personal australia rule #4: if it moves,  I move – away quickly) and continued evaluating whether an Acai smoothie I had has given me mild food poisoning. Or maybe I just have Brazzo berry intolerance.

I’ve spent the night on calculations. How much stuff I have, how I could spend my last week down under, how much I figure can be saved between now and then. 

The thing about tips is that they are pretty easy come, easy go.  I was cashing my Silver the other night and a guy handed me $20 more. On my best night I hit $280, but there are a lot of $3 nights in a non tipping culture. It seems to come down to luck.  When they do show up it feels like you may as well turn the clanking coins in your purse into stuff like magazines or coffee or chinese food.  It feels like, and sort of is, free money.

If I can get flights that work tomorrow, East coast it is. If not, West coast surf trip by bus. Either way, I’m out by the middle of february.


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