The five day bender notes
November 28, 2011, 1:21 pm
Filed under: unrelated thoughts

“I just found out you’re not the oldest person working here. She’s almost 30. Why are old people so hot?”

-18 year old bartender

“When I’m not working, I like to meditate. I find it helps with my anger issues. “


“Guys talk more than girls you know. We talk about you all the time.  What is keeping you with your boyfriend anyways? “

-regular who has never spoken to me before but tips well

Me: how gym are you?
Him: pretty gym.
-throws me over his shoulder and does a quick five squats-

“Nobody is actually from there.  What, were you raised by skimpies and wolves? “
“Dingos, thanks.”

“You guys don’t say ****.”
“We say it like ‘what’s up ****’ or ‘he’s a good ****’.”
“So… how’s it going ****.”
“That just sounds wrong. Never use it again.”

“I will take you surfing if you let me crawl through your window. “

-underager trying to get into nightclub

“Your name only has one syllable, but I would drag that syllable out.”


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