Dad and Lad
December 9, 2011, 4:07 pm
Filed under: when I grow up

People give me random stuff at work.  A poem. Hugs. A glass of cab sav with a vodka shot. Job offers and invitations for coffee and a ride to the airport.

I have had more than one customer feed me, literally. From their plates, or sometimes platters of appetizers I am serving.

The most common, though, are tips and phone numbers.

(Oddly, I don’t get asked for my number much, which is useful when you consider I don’t know it. With multiple bank cards, addresses and passwords my mind is pretty much tapped out on numbers.)

Anyways, today was a first. A guy in his fifties who is a reasonably successful business man – and a close friend of my boss – slipped me his number and alluded to plane rides and tropical beaches. I blushed, like I do when awkwardly surprised. To be honest, creepy come ons by older men are not the standard for me. I skew young, and I sort of like it that way.

But wait! There’s more! A few weeks ago, I was given a business card and another invitation by… his twenty something son.

Just another day at the office, kids.


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